The “Hua Design Award” is a global design award to discover new Chinese designs and create new opportunities. As an important part of the international design field, the future development trend of Chinese design has become one of the focus of international attention. Breaking out of the rules and shackles is a premise for the infinite possibilities of Chinese design in the future.

The theme of the 2022 Global “Hua Design Award” is "Continuous design, continuous evolution",expounding that evolution is the law of all life, and only through continuous evolution can we promote continuous innovation in design. With the vision of development, we focus on the change of design, trace the development trajectory and evolution of design, gather the power of Chinese design, discuss the evolution of future design, and create a new way of human life with design.


Theme of Award



Guidance Organs:World Design Organization (WDO)、World Chinese Arts Education Association (WCAEA)

Host Organization:The Global Hua Design Award Organizing Committee

Initiating Organs:Beijing Design Society 、Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University Institute of Industrial Design Strategy and Prototype Innovation、National Taiwan University of Arts, Institute of Creative Industries Design、Quanzhou Industrial Design Association (QIDA)

Special Support Organs:China Corporate Image Development Association、Chinese Design and Creation Society、Tsinghua University Art & Science Research Center、Taiwan Design Innovation Development Institute 、Hong Kong Designer Association、Hong Kong Fashion Federation (HKFF)、Macau Designer Association、Macau Interaction Design Association、Asian New Generation Design Exhibition、Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) Boston


Enterprises, design organizations, institutions, individuals or teams from home and abroad can apply for the competition. Each participant can declare more than one piece of work for evaluation. Each entry can only have one subject and can only be declared in one category.


Product Group:For products that have been on the market for less than three years (i.e., on the market no earlier than February 2020), and for entries that are not on the market but can provide a fully functional prototype at the time of the re-evaluation review.

Concept Group:For all industry sectors unlisted concept works, need to provide a physical object or present a complete design video during the re-evaluation review.

Entry Category

Industrial Design Categories:Transportation, Intelligence and interaction, Industrial equipment, Medical equipment, Textile and Footwear, Electronics and Electrical Appliances, Ceramic design, Home life,Cultural creativity and others.

Visual Communication Category:Brand design, Packaging design, Binding design, Graphic design, Type design, Illustration original drawing, Animation design, Advertising design, Interface design and others.

Integrated Design Categories:Environmental design, Professional curation, Contextual experience, Service design, Social design, Urban and public design, Non-heritage design, Arts and crafts innovation design, Sustainable design and others.

Awards setting

HUA Design Gold Award(30)

The highest honor of the “Hua Design Awards”.This award will recognize the most innovative, forward-thinking, and humanistic design work in this year's awards, and only the most outstanding design work in each of the categories entered will be awarded this award.
HUA Design Award(Entry works)

The award will recognize the design works of enterprises, institutions and other organizations as a group.Only outstanding products and projects that have the ability to create a better life for human beings and reflect social values can be awarded this prize.

HUA Design Talent Award

This award recognizes the best work of non-institutional groups such as students or designers who have graduated less than two years ago, making it the top award for budding designers.

Award Benefits

1. All winners will receive a certificate, a trophy and the right to use the logo of the Global “Hua Design Award".

2. All winners will be invited to attend the award ceremony and "Hua Design Night", participate in the Global Hua Design Forum and Design Salon.

3. For design solutions or products with commercialization prospects, the organizing committee will organize the winners to connect with strategic cooperative manufacturing enterprises, new sales platforms and crowdfunding platforms to create explosive products.

4. The winning works will be displayed and promoted online on the official website platform of the " China Design Award". At the same time, they will be reported through the domestic and overseas cooperative media matrix built by the organizing committee to provide more media exposure and attention to the winners and outstanding works.

5. The winning works will be invited to a global touring exhibition, and the touring works will receive a "Certificate of Participation", and the winning works will receive a "Certificate of Collection" if they are presented to the organizing committee.

6. All winners have the opportunity to enter the TOP 50 list of global Chinese designers.


Call for entry: Oct 17, 2022 - Dec 30, 2022

Initial evaluation: Early Jan 2023

Artworks mailed: Early Jan - early Feb 2023

Re-evaluation: Mid-Feb 2023

Final evaluation: Late Feb 2023

Award ceremony and other events:Mar 2023

Global Touring Exhibition:From Mar 2023

Submission method

The Global "Hua Design Award" is a unified way to collect entries by online registration. Please register on the official website (www.hua-design.cn) and upload your entries after registration.

Contact information

Global “Hua Design Award” Organizing Committee Office

Contact person:  Ms. Lin  +86  17750004204

Email: huadesignaward@sina.cn